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Pragmaticism¡ªdefinition:Be pragmatic,judge situation in a comprehensive and scientific way,seize opportunities,meet challenges,overcome difficulties,do real and solid work to promote company business.Make efforts to obtain recognition,respect and support of public,customers,employees and peers.
Innovation¡ªdefinition:Adhere to spirit of innovation to enhance business development and management.Follow advanced technology of the industry,make continuous technology innovation,and commit to achieve the common goals of enhancing the effectiveness of company,customers,suppliers and other related.
Struggle¡ªdefinition:Insist on building up awareness of risk and crisis to establish the concept of ¡°Not to advance is to go back ,to slowly advance is also to go back.¡± Consequently,everyone would like to promote¡°struggle¡±,all are good at¡°struggle¡±and¡°struggle¡±to do everything.Form a gratifying situation of blooming,galloping,talented and beneficial.
Dedication¡ªdefinition:Stick to dedication,fulfill your duty,do everything with passion: set a good example for others,make all¡ªour efforts,dare to bear responsibility and risk:keep studying hard and getting continuous improvement,surpass constantly,dedicate to sustainable develoment of Kusun .